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A little game about kindness and discoveries

As a Debut Game and from the bottom of my heart… i present to you :  The Kind Camomille, a third-person exploration game about random acts of kindness and the joy of discovery.  Players take control of Camomille, a kind mouse on her way to her dear grandmother 100th birthday. On a relaxing and beautiful journey (that might not be so straight forward) she encounters people in need of a hand.  Along the way, players can uncover small hidden sceneries, find goodies to put in her giftbasket and make that birthday even more special.


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Can i stream your game on Twitch/Youtube/Facebook?

Yes, of course! It would actually make me quite happy!

How much will it cost? How long is the game? 

The game should cost $9.99, and going through the game while exploring the world should take you around 3 hours.

What languages will the game be localized in? 

The game will be available in English and French at first.
Then i would love to translate it to : Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional).

Did you make everything in the game yourself? 

Almost all visual aspect is made by me. But, while i did code a bit of it too, i am licencing the amazing talent of asset creators on the unity platform to help me with complicated tasks i couldn't possibly dream of achieving alone.

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